Run Windows Programs On Os X How To Run Windows Program On Mac Os X Or How Can I Run Older Mac Program Like 8.x On Osx?

How to run windows program on mac os x or how can i run older mac program like 8.x on osx? - run windows programs on os x

I have this book in the book is a CD that is I can not find a way to run Mac OSX and the CD only compatible with a conventional system or 8.x

Othr my option is to run through the window, but I do not want to install on the Windows operating system, I just want to install the program.


plankshe... said...

I want to look seriously Mac no later than 1997, 1998 or 1999.

Slightly less than the G3 can not work. The old Quadras and PowerMacs, the first time ... Run 9500, 8100 and 7200 will.
But it will take cable, peripherals, and even CD exteranal and a monitor.
Is it worth it?
Suport too expensive.

You may want to search for Mac User Groups.

This means that if you run 0S / 8 rather than on a computer, an operating system installed later.
Search 7.5 OS / box and update if you get a CD, 8

Apple has a computer, access to some of the harvest and allows legacy software. You need to call Tech Suport and begin the discovery of the transfer. I can promise you will find good.

Try Craig's List or the Google search.
Good luck.

Love to have an old LC III, of my car.

Kahless said...

If you are an Intel Mac is not one of the largest Power Macs, you need a program that terminal emulator to run on which one could find. Otherwise you're out of luck if you know someone with an old Mac running Mac OS 9 Google emulation software for Mac OS 9, I think it can be foreseen that makes Mac OS X opens the old programs.

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