Installing Drip Irrigation Drip Irrigation For A Vegetable Garden?

Drip irrigation for a vegetable garden? - installing drip irrigation

I am installing a system of drip irrigation for a vegetable garden and I wonder if anyone knows how much water should be placed on the plants, and how someone often.If has used a system that you have to thank you the right advice . I Channel 4.0 gal / h and now he is believed in cycles of 30 minutes twice a day.Too too little? I'm in the desert in the west.
The floor was mud, but I have let a lot of topsoil and steer manure, drain well.
Bush green beans I squash tomatoes peppers cucumber radish sprouts, broccoli and romaine lettuce do not expect a lot of broccoli and brussels sprouts, to see if they will be here.thanks.


Chuck said...

Vegetables generally prefer something like 1 "of water per week. Multiply this number by the square footage to see your garden and convert gallon, how much water into the production of needs.

If necessary, you can help with mulch, you need the amount of water. Mulch helps retain soil moisture, reduce the total amount of water needed.

Mark M said...

I'm pretty sure it's some good information about them in the book by Ogden Shepard, "Straight Ahead Organic". I remember the details, it seems.

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