Samsung Audio System How Do I Set Up This Home Theater System? Ps3, Samsung Tv, Sony Speakers, Etc.?

How do i set up this home theater system? ps3, samsung tv, sony speakers, etc.? - samsung audio system

I shop
1. HDTV (LNT4665F Samsung 46 "LCD HDTV 1080p)
2. Blu-ray / DVD (PlayStation 3)
3. 5.1 Audio System (Sony DAV-HDX265 BRAVIA Home Theater System)

What are connected via HDMI cable? these things are they compatible? My only goal is to make the Blu Ray and HDTV cable to see occasionally.


Earth: The Connected Home said...

I agree with those who have previously responded!

HDMI is the best way to carry a signal in the year 2008.

Television is here
The BD (bluraydisc) it is
Home Theater (home theater in a box) is very bad. It is HDMI, but no HDMI for the PS3 or cable / satellite. Dumb? Yes, but I think it fits a range of prices.

You should be better with separate components of the sound system to do, but if you find a movie house with two HDMI inputs and one output, it works fine.

In my opinion, is very poor, if you buy the part from Sony!

RankingS... said...

This system does not work with what you want. The home theater has selected digital inputs. You will not benefit from surround sound PS3 or the cable. You need a receiver that can account for at least the digital inputs (coaxial or Toslink optical or HDMI) to obtain a benefit from your system.

Volodymy... said...

Providers in the right first Digitial Audio. You want a sound system that at least two "optical" input or "coaxial" input included. Optical preferred.

Time Yamaha HTIB are crap honestly Understand I am not wrong, because the price they are good, I (a few thousand dollars, and home theater now I'm so broke ...) still have a $ 250 HTIB. See Yamaha, Sony has gone out of fashion when he got home SOUND Theater personally. My Yamaha has no built-in DVD, but they are cheap these days, was $ 250, only 4 or 5 years. Contains all the necessary digital audio ports (not digital video, which is very good).

Ideally, you run HDMI video at all, if you have a screen, at least one of the aims, preferably 2 + HDMI will be accepted. Remains an important element of quality (such as DVI and VGA, but less frequently) and we will too. PS3 has HDMI IIRC. Honestly, I said the PS3 as a DVD player in the real world and get a free DVD home theater needs (for luxury digital connection, HDMI, VGA or DVI and a component, it can not bear the digital signaturenecessary) to Upconvert.

All that said ... Go to any TV in your choice. Use the PS3 as a Blu Ray and standard DVD. And you get a home theater that includes a receiver TRUE. The speakers in conjunction with boring speaker cable - as a novelty - and that means a few things. It will probably be a better type of DVD system. It allows you to update, but not build a large system of small improvements and replacement of the speakers are simple and straightforward, and rather to the inputs and outputs you need.

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