Medium Strength Magnets Are Medium Strength Magnets Harmful To D-SLR Cameras?

Are medium strength magnets harmful to D-SLR cameras? - medium strength magnets

I had the impression that the imams are damaging to magnetic media (hard disk, Zip, cassettes, etc.) and have no problem with flash memory.

In addition, the effect of the internal mechanism of the camera? I'm not talking about the super powerful magnets here.

I want to use magnets in a box for the camera. Nothing wrong with that?


Nathan G said...

I really do not know, but as the owner of a DSLR, I would not risk it.

If you buy a digital SLR camera for hundreds, even thousands of dollars, it makes no sense, the investment risk. Many digital accessory is not recommended to place the magnet in the vicinity, because it might cause issues, like a TV.

put a magnet on the TV and see what happens, it can be to the camera (not necessarily the sensor though). However, some internal parts of the camera will be damaged, leaving the attraction of magnetic poles. I personally would not do that, just want a label, because it was all the risk.

I read your update is, and if this is the case, should not be a problem, there is nothing in the target will not be affected (based on my knowledge of the lens), you should be a good thing.

jimmymae... said...

Keep magnets out of the device to look at other ways to do what you want.

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