Plasma Tv Cabinets Plasma TV Has Been Installed= Need Booster For Remote Please Help?

Plasma TV has been installed= need booster for remote please help? - plasma tv cabinets

I installed my Plasma 63inches, and I do not see or cable box so I had the cable box is installed in the kitchen cupboard by a side wall in the plasma is installed in the lockers wood and through the wall of my problem is that I bought a booster radio shack, and I have to use 1foot my unit .. the distance is a real pain .. Who have similar problems or cures, I have to work 15-20ft Anothr .. if you can sit and relax, I luv the unit.

Plase help.


gp4rts said...

Use a Remote Control Extender them ...

mike d said...

go buy an infrared sensor to work anywhere in the room

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