Google Whats A Phantom Pregnancy What Is This Song, Can't Find It Anywhere?

What is this song, can't find it anywhere? - google whats a phantom pregnancy

I'm going crazy! It is a song that is played on Phantom FM a lot lately, and I can not find its name, which explains why the letter or anywhere in your website or Google. I have no answer on the table or a ghost, so I hope it is more sensitive.

The song is sung by a woman. It is a kind of soul, like the old style of 90s soul, the lyrics are something like "yes, I'm fine" or "yes, I'm fine" in the chorus. The history of the song is that it has been clearly broken heart, stumbles with his ex and say, "Yes, I am now well, it was difficult, but I'm good!" more or less. Please help, please, that never sleeps!


Anonymous said...

I am good Freya

That is all I could think ... Hope this helps!

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