Frostbite Tongue Cat Came In This Morning With Tongue Hanging Out W Swelling. Vet Said Got Stuck On Metal Object. "X-mas Story"

Cat came in this morning with tongue hanging out w swelling. Vet said got stuck on metal object. "X-mas Story" - frostbite tongue

My cat Bella came this morning with his tongue hanging completely out of the mouth with a severe swelling under his regime. I ran to the vet and said that the tip of the tongue have symptoms similar to frostbite, and probably was the result of leaking a metal plate or something.outside to freezing temperatures and muscle damage to his language when it was published. Bella sometimes sleeps with her tongue doing a little bit like a cat. She had a fever of 105 degrees and has received antibiotics, cortical area and painkillers. You need to force them to eat them until she is able to absorb food and liquids again, it may take days or weeks. You can also lose the tip of the tongue as a result. This was a tragic event, not to mention that on Christmas morning and opened an office and veteran arian visit cost me $ 189, but I'm very sorry for the situation. Of course I have an interesting "Christmas Story". We hope that this helps, and please pray for my cat.


fender g said...

I pray for them. sorry thats sad: [In, I hope to improve on

lunamiss said...

Poor Bella! What a story. I have a cat named Chaos and worthy of his name in situations such as odd that I had.
Thank you very much that your attention to Bella! Have you noticed that something was different and soon your help! It is encouraging to know who someone is so worried about your cat!
(Incidentally, last trip Havoc ER vet selling costs 10x ... but still, ouch)

punk_raw... said...

It should not allow to have his cat out - especially in winter. We hope you can keep your house from now on - the poor cat: (

What is your cat was injured and suffered many a "Christmas story interesting? You really believe that it will find funny?

TKS said...

I'm sorry, Bella. The mouth heals quickly, so I hope he recovers sooner rather than later. Glad you brought her to the vet with a fever of 105 degrees. Maybe Bella can stay in the nights from now, or at least when it's cold.

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