Where Do I Sew Brownie Badges How Do I Get Copydex Of My Little Girls' Brownie Badge?

How do I get copydex of my little girls' brownie badge? - where do i sew brownie badges

I Copydex glue in my daughters brownie plate (I can not sew), but the plate was too thin and happened Copydex. Do you know of a way to grow? I have tried to use a rubber works a little, but not great.


Fran H said...

So, try the kit in a bag and put it in the freezer should run hard enough to win.
I hope it works, do it for other things. Otherwise, ask the nearest to clean or if they have a solvent to remove.

Good Luck

felinero... said...

There are many years I had the same problem and contacted Copydex. She sent me a jar of solvent. I do not know if they always so generous today.

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