Ge Adora Microwave Our Microwave Oven Doesnt Work, It's Popping The Breakers?

Our microwave oven doesnt work, it's popping the breakers? - ge adora microwave

If we have only one ge-loves above the microwave covers from 1.8 cubic meters listed at 1100 watts. Every time the microwave to the switches and lights the stove in the kitchen is my hypothesis that the output can not handle 1100 watts, how can I check / repair?


Dave said...

The responses of the United States are so far correct. You also said the lights dim when the switch trips, indicating that the lights are on the same route. Adding to the congestion of microwave circuits. As already mentioned, the installation of a new 20 amp circuit for use between 12 threads in the container for the microwave. Do not place candles or other container in the circuit.

Please consult a licensed electrician who works on the work is granted, made safe and correct.

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