Placemat Scripture Tote Does Anyone Have A Christmas Placemat Idea For Church?

Does anyone have a christmas placemat idea for church? - placemat scripture tote

I want a craft idea Christmas fabric for the church. Since the use of paint or something else. We will breakfast senior individuals. Nothing other than using old Christmas cards, I have a. Perhaps something about the birth of Christ, angels, pictures and scripts, etc. All ideas are welcome. Thank vmitch


Heidi 4 said...

Jump to Army Hello or elsewhere, you can use a cream, blue, or buy a mat (if you know how they do it, buy only the material and sewing.

Find Christmas fabric with a kindergarten, you cut out the parts you like and use of tissue-bound iron pieces on the mat. You can also harvest gold or silver Ribbon Rick Rack.

You can also color the pictures of the books and paint on fabric.

I think a lot depends on the quantity you need and if there is a group effort, or if he is alone. If there is a group which would provide a great project for the class of Sunday school.

Whatever you do, remember that the breakfast a great success and the seniors will really enjoy. Perhaps you have a door prize at the carpet instead of his choice.

awommack said...

try Garden Ridge

awommack said...

try Garden Ridge

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