What Kind Of Doctor Treats Ingrown Hair How Do I Treat My Ingrown Hair?

How do I treat my ingrown hair? - what kind of doctor treats ingrown hair

I have a lump in the groin area that I am over the answers before you asked a doctor. The node is to be transferred in fact an ingrown hair, but the doctor looked for a second. She did say it could be an ingrown hair on a swollen gland.

I had about 3 weeks and I never bothered before. No itching, burning, or Sting. Now here is a little sharp, and put a warm compress on it stings. I wonder whether I might have been misdiagnosed? In addition, 3 weeks, which makes me crazy. How long does it take? It falls directly on my line trousers and walked the whole day. I'm sure that probably irritated. Is there anything I can do to try this at home? It should, as long as I hold the pack in the ingrown hairs and how often and how often should I do?

Any help or advice would be great! This thing makes me crazy!


Paramedic Girl said...

Ingrown hair can take some time.

Furthermore, using a warm compress several times a day. Additionally, you can take a hot bath of Epsom salts to draw once a day (for about 20 minutes).

Finally, it seems in itself. If you do not tighten, do not. Whether too. Cure You can for a day or two cats (and again a bath of Epsom salts can have).

After her recovery, dry (peeling once a day, a little) before the shower to avoid than others.

(For dry skin peeling, simply use an exfoliating glove ... come on a package of 2nd Only use a circular motion and in use on your body. Just do it easily).

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