Prices On Aluminium Boats How Come Dollar And Gold Both Strong?

How come Dollar and Gold both strong? - prices on aluminium boats

U.S. dollar is strong now and their impact on the price of copper, oil, aluminum and other commodities, gold, but why? What do you think of U.S. $ ??????? also to force the gold price?


CherubRo... said...

I think the dollar is strong because its hard to get a loan to expect, even with this rescue operation for 700 billion U.S. dollars from the inflation pressure. Gold is so high because no one expects the pressure.

I think that increases the difference between the demand for short-term liquidity in dollars in value, and a medium-term bet that the dollar will fall, which increases both the time value.

iluv2tra... said...

In fact, the whole world is in more trouble than we are. Unemployment and GDP growth are major concerns of the Euro - Asia. People all over the world in search of safety. The United States is historically a safe place to invest your money, so many foreign U.S. dollars back to the United States to strengthen our dollar. During her last years, Asia going crazy, people have invested there, but the Chinese stock market has fallen 70% for the year for people who come here. When the dollar becomes more valuable, more people are investing here. They make money on the investments and the dollar. Gold always rises in times of turbulence.

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