Hydralicious Make Hair Greasy What Shampoo Do You Use?

What shampoo do you use? - hydralicious make hair greasy

I use Herbal Essences hydralicious good, but felt my greasy hair, curly hair and since I is Klong, which is not really a good combination lol. And you?


You said...

Fekkai. is a little spendy () is not bad and I love it:)

Annie said...

I love Aussie shapoo and air conditioning.
I do not want to blame shampoo that simply are not good for you. Therefore, I have another shapoo (conditioner) attempt
Maybe you only need to shower more often, as we age our hair is greasy.
If you always try to make Condit lacquer for curly hair and prevent frizz.
I have also wavyish. blond hair of medium length (. Yours) In contrast, when Aussie might not be for you.
You can find the different brands and products, discover what works best for your hair.

Hope this helps and good look!

~ Annie

Red ♣ Feck Ya. said...

At the moment I have Sleek.look matrix used. I take the matrix and Curl.Life Mastey, sometimes.

ShreadIt... said...

John Frieda Weather Works Shampoo & Conditioner

Shamrock... said...

I also smell and makes the hair ur amazing, my hair is always smooth and never knots .... i luv it

michaela said...


maria said...

Try Loreal Paris

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