Homemade Brazilian Waxing How Do U Make Homemade Wax For Body Hair Removal?

How do u make homemade wax for body hair removal? - homemade brazilian waxing

Once I met this lady from Brazil in a park, who speak little English. She began talking to a sugar-based wax hair removal. She said that, add the brown sugar, lemon juice, but that's all what I meant is. I need to know is how much and how long to cook it.If every house of wax hair removal please give me the file.


simply_m... said...

2 cups sugar
1 / 4 cup lemon juice
Water 1 / 4 cup
Mix, boil until it reaches 250 ° C. Pour into a jar. When you are ready to use to soften a microwave for 10 to 20 seconds. Place on a hot, put your cotton tape, rub in the direction of hair growth and remove () in front of the hair growth. Try to keep it not too thick (I use an ice lolly stick) to an applicator. A proposal to keep the sugar at the right temperature, is a small heating beverages (including hot meals for a cup of espresso). You shall ensure that the container you put the sugar does not melt when left sitting. A glass measuring cup works great.

Lady Geologist said...

There is talk of adding sucrose (I think that is how he refers to), which is not exactly the same as waxing. Same result, different method. You can buy kits internal sugaring (NAD), or it may be possible for Google sweet recipes.

mahirah s said...

I do not know

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