Ferret Blaze My Ferret Has A Blaze, Is She Going To Go Deaf?

My ferret has a blaze, is she going to go deaf? - ferret blaze

I have a beautiful ferret which a silver lamp, which, of course, but without a hearing, but not all ferrets with fire is always Waardenburg's syndrome?


nintendo chick said...

Ignore Kevin immature and rude question.
Hello anyway.

Not all Fuzzies with flames in her mind really think they are deaf, I use to be a lil baby champagne there was a fire, and by listening to perfection. Toy Squeak is always the best way to know if you can hear.

They say that 70% of ferrets infected with Waardenburg syndrome is deaf.

Hi my name is: ANIMAL said...

75% of ferrets Blaze with Waardenburg's syndrome born. Blazes I've met very few who hear well and others who have only a partial loss of hearing.

A deaf ferret is not too different from a hearing in ferrets. I have a deaf-Sable Ferret (genetics), it goes very well who is learning hand signals and know what they mean certain vibrations. It is a bit stronger than my other children, but only more fun to observe. The only problem I had before I knew who numb from the catenary with whistles and does not work without training, I did some research online about how to do the training a deaf ferret.


I currently have a champagne Blaze hear very well.

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