Walk In Clinic Toronto Pediatrics Where Do Ftm's In Toronto Go For Hormones?

Where do ftm's in Toronto go for hormones? - walk in clinic toronto pediatrics

I'm a FTM, and I started hormones for 4 years during his stay in Vancouver. Then I moved with my parents and for the short term, my father (a doctor), I wrote the recipes. The situation is a little inappropriate, so I need to care for another doctor now.

My family doctor when I was little, has a big mouth and works with the same doctors, my father worked, the more I really do not know anything about my trans, so I do not go to him. I have also seen that 4-5 times in my life, and these were only for the recordings.

Everyone tells me Sherbourne is to find the best / fastest trans attention, but said she loves me not because it takes place outside its borders - the life in the Toronto suburb of Brampton.

The only other place I know of is to try to CAMH (alias Clarke), but I only heard bad things about this place. Trans Every person I've ever met, and my medical care in the western trans told me to stay the hell out of him. Everything I read onliDO agrees. Moreover, from their website it seems that everything they do is to provide advice, and it is just for children and their families Trans I already said that you must go to pay for surgery, but it seems not really offer services to transport adults. In addition, I have no mental health or substance abuse, and it would be an insult to the Center of Addiction and Mental Health to go.

When I was in Vancouver, there was only one doctor in his clinic. While you are healthy, safe and know what would get you to have it on hormones in a month. Where are the doctors like in Ontario?


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