Inside A Virgina Pictures Can A Girl Lose Her Virginity By Putting Something Long Inside Her Virgina?

Can a girl lose her virginity by putting something long inside her virgina? - inside a virgina pictures

after what came out. a drop of blood.
That means you lose your virginity?
and what is the disadvantage of fingers?
and my friend have pain when urinating.
What does this mean?


My Answer Is Best. said...

No, it means you lose, you lose your virginity. This happens when you have sex for the first time, it just means you're probably a bit stretched or torn hymen.

Disadvantages of the clock:
≠ finger penis, which is usually larger and deeper. Most girls think they would have preferred it if it is a combination of both.

Stimulation of the clitoris
No risk of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases

If your friend feels pain when urinating, it could be an infection. It should become a gynecologist.

jtotheat... said...

Do not lose your virginity before sex.

Im a spiritualist said...

Virginity lost if u have had sex! !!!!!

Yooooooo... said...

Yes, we speak of ******! My penis

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