Eiffel Tower Centerpieces Eiffel Tower Vases-Disaster Waiting To Happen Or Not?

Eiffel Tower Vases-Disaster waiting to happen or not? - eiffel tower centerpieces

So I studied the ships on the Eiffel Tower. Yes, they are just extraordinary. I found a place to buy and very cheap. I also found the foam to make large clots. BUT. My question: Has anyone had experience with them at the reception? In fact, I found in the shops and are so drunk ...! Will they fall on whether a visitor:: Buttons:: on the table? I read that some people to fill the river rocks, to give them more stability. Eiffel Tower Vases are a disaster? I'm opting to use smaller, low centers of half of my photos and could abandon the tour if glasses * * may cause a problem. Ideas?


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